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Alfarooq Quran Campus was started by Islamic Scholar Allama Siraj ul Haq farooqi in 2008 as an online Islamic academy. We are based in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Tuition For Quran Online has vast experience and expertise in Quran tutoring and other tuition services. Students from over the world are learning Quran, Islamic subjects and many other courses with us.

We offers online courses to kids and adults throughout the world. It is a global, online, educational academy, committed to set standards in Quranic education in the simplest and successful manners .

Expert Quran Tutor

All the classes of online Quran teaching are conducted by well qualified Islamic scholars and expert Quran tutors who will teach you the recitation of Quran as per Arabic phonetics

Flexible Timings

We are online 24/7 so; Muslims from all around the world can select online Quran classes timing as per their conformity and availability.

Male Female Teachers

We have many well qualified and expert male and female Quran tutors and as per the teachings of Sharia we offer separate teachers for male and females accordingly.

3 Days Free Trial

We have many years of experience in online Quran teaching, we value our clients and that's why we offer a free trial of 3-days so you can evaluate our teaching skills.

Years of


We at Al Farooq Quran Campus provide your and your kids with a great opportunity to learn Quran Online with Tajweed at home conveniently.

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We Value Our Students
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Student Satisfaction

Our Academy is provide full satisfaction to clients.Our Students are satisfied with our Quran teachers and with their methods of Quran teaching.

Our program is available to individuals of all ages, from children to old people, without any distinction. Our courses usually take 3 to 6 months to enable a student to read Qur’an accurately. But it mostly depends on the student’s interest and capability.
Basic Noorani Qaida

Holy Quran from the basic important as it gives allows you and your children to read the Holy Quran knowing the basic rules..

Learn Quran with Tajweed

Quran College Online offers this basic Quran Reading Course for students, children, adult males and females, with the best teaching..

Online Quran Memorize

Online Quran memorize the Holy Quran is a spiritual and physical project of a devoted Muslim. It is a miracle and a blessing..

Advanced Qirat of Quran

Online Quran this course includes pronunciation, character features and corresponding rules for stopping and starting. Read the Holy Quran fluently.

Translation of Holy Quran

Translation of Holy Quran This course is designed specifically for those who already know how to read, but do not understand its meaning..

Tafseer e Quran

Holy Quran Tafseer is the most significant science of Quran. the accurate application of Islam is based on proper comprehension of the guidance from Allah.


We’re Available For You 24/7

Are you looking for best Online Quran Tutor? With the guidance of our dedicated Online Quran teachers you can excel anything and everything of your Quranic knowledge within a shortest possible time.

Reading Noorani Qaida
The Quran Reading with Tajweed
Quran Memorization
Translation and Tafseer Course
And much more!

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