The teaching staff of alfarooqqurancampus.com is educated and well trained to provide online Quran lessons. We give training classes to our Quran tutors at least 4 weeks to spread Islamic knowledge to the students, how to motivate student, how to communicate with the guardian of students of western people. Don’t worry about the tutors for their background because we have checked the background of tutors.

Yes, Alhamdulillah we also have some female tutors to teach females on their demand. Females can’t ask any question freely from male tutors that’s why we have arranged some female Quran tutors as well according to the problems of females.

Please first fill up the form of registration to take free trial classes with our expert tutors and submit it to us. We will contact to you as soon as possible within 24 hours through the email or phone providing by you. Our agent of customer services will guide to you to installation the relevant software’s for taking online Quran classes, how it works? After trial classes if you are satisfy with our service you will pay us small fee/hadiyah according to Islamic courses. Note: There is no any registration fee or admission fee.

At a scheduled time, Tutor and student will come online. They will talk with each other on the Skype for taking online Quran classes. Tutor will share his screen on the computer for his student. The student will be able to see his lesson on the screen. Tutor will teach the student and highlight the letters and words of Holy Quran on his mistakes. This class will be like a live class.

To take online Quran classes on the internet,you are required the following things. 1. A computer system/laptop/tablet 2. A good Broadband internet connection DSL/Cable 3. Good Microphone and speakers 4. Skype “ID” for conversation with teacher 5. Goto Meeting software for screen sharing

Yes, we provide very cheap discount offers for those students who enroll same family members or refer other students.